$24,000 Donation to the Coffee Bunker

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People assume that coming home would be the easiest thing service members can do. Most members must stop and think, “What am I returning to?” What was once normal has become foreign; navigating it is complex.

Since 2022, Red Crown Credit Union has committed to the Coffee Bunker and its cause. Every time a Red Crown Credit Union member uses their VETS (Veterans Engaged in Tulsa’s Society) debit card, Red Crown Credit Union donates to the Coffee Bunker.

The Coffee Bunker has a mission to meet Veterans where they are by helping with the transition to family and community life. Immediate needs such as providing food, gas cards, bus passes, and transportation to medical appointments are met. The Bunker dives deeper by caring for the longer-term needs as well. These services include education and employment planning guidance, job skills training, and connection to employers.

Coffee Bunker Executive Director Michael Horton says, “The Bunker is a place for veterans to calm their spirits and their minds in preparation for and during what is often a long transition challenge. The Coffee Bunker community enables veterans to stay connected to their military family of origin. This community serves the purpose of helping veterans that are disconnected and isolated. The various transition services allow veterans to establish traction in their transition to civilian life.”

Being the first year of the Red Crown Credit Union and Coffee Bunker partnership, Mr. Horton wanted to share how it impacted their mission. “The Red Crown Credit Union VETS debit card significantly contributed to the Bunker this year. The contribution is financial, but it also helps the Bunker build goodwill in the community through relationships with the cardholders and widens exposure through various media.”

How can you take part?

Each swipe you make with a Red Crown VETS debit card impacts these service members and their families.

Get yours now!

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